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Allison Duda Kahler is a graphic designer, art director, and visual narrator with experience rooted in editorial design.


Allison Duda Kahler is an art director and graphic designer with a design approach rooted in editorial design and storytelling. 

Allison brings a fresh perspective using editorial structure and principles to brands through art direction and design. Design is crucial in telling any story and attracting the right audience. Through constant inspiration, relevance and creativity, Allison is passionate about creating and curating the best story possible.

Throughout her design career in the magazine industry, Allison art directed and designed for various media titles:  TIME Magazine, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, People StyleWatch, among others.  Now, she applies her editorial experience using storytelling and visual communication to create effective messaging in a wide-range of design: identities, print, digital, marketing and brand strategy, illustration and even some animation.

Allison thrives on culture and design evolving together, and is constantly influenced and inspired by other areas of design, current events and trends. She adores print magazines, and always admires/follows any strong, gorgeous brand.  She's kind of obsessed with Instagram.  She loves following culture, fashion, art, music, and beauty not only because it's a huge interest, but because it is a reflection of a growing society.  In the good times and not-so-good times, design and amazing ideas reflect positive growth and cultural change, and that is something that Allison loves to be a part of.

Allison is originally from Cleveland, Ohio.  She now resides in Dearborn, Michigan and loves to get out and see, do, eat and drink everything around the great city of Detroit. 


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